Curiosity. It’s driven me to create this new design oriented blog. I am an ambitious and adventurous Designer, currently residing in the beautiful city of St. Louis. On the topic of curiosity, I have to say this; it is necessary for anyone looking to find or pursuing their passion. From my experience, curiosity has lead me to fun and interesting situations, amazing conversations, and wondrous discoveries, in life and the design world. I decided to make this the first topic of my blog because I would not be here blogging if curiosity didn’t lead me here, and as a Designer, curiosity has led me to where I am today.

I work as an Art Director (which is just a fancy term for Designer in my opinion) in St. Louis for a pretty dope advertising agency where I design for large companies (such as SunTrust and UPS) and make a pretty decent salary having just graduated from college a few months ago. I am extremely grateful in procuring such a position. And of course I am still freelancing. I relocated from Orlando, Florida (insert raised eyebrows and “why the hell would you move from sunny, vacation spot Florida?” question here) to fulfill this position less than a month after graduation. A big and hard decision it was to move away from family and friends. Nonetheless, it was curiosity that led me here.

What can I learn?
How can I grow?
Will it help me improve?

Is this the right thing to do?

These are just a few of the plethora of questions that ran through my mind. I’ve let curiosity drive a lot of decisions in my life and this time is was no different.

Curiosity is how I discovered my passion about design. There’s a strong military presence in my family that has had a huge impact on my life and what steered me to design. Mother, father, aunts, uncles, grandfather, and so far two of my cousins. All in the military at some point, minus one of my aunts who’s a rebel and a nurse. It was this deep tradition that ran through my family that fueled my curiosity about the military. I almost decided to attend the Naval Academy, but instead I joined the Air Force ROTC at the University of Central Florida for a year. An interesting path going from cadet to Designer, but curiosity led me there and taught me that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life, and that the military didn’t align with my beliefs and values. The thing about curiosity is that you never know where it can lead you or what it will teach you.

To me, when I begin a design, I find myself trying to rekindle that curiosity that everyone has when they were a kid. The kind of curiosity that teaches you things, inspires you, helps you develop, and leads you to somewhere you’ve never been. Physically, mentally, or emotionally. Everything is so new to children so they can’t help being curious but once they grow and learn, unfortunately, slowly this curiosity dissipates.

Don’t let it happen.

Let everything feel new and fresh. Make mistakes, take notes,  follow your curiosities, and let them flourish. It’s this feeling that drives me and many others as Designers. Approaching a client with an open mind and curious interest in their needs can lead to some pretty interesting things and usually provides a path to the best solution for said client. I often find myself smelling trees and looking towards the stars, or if I find something interesting, i’ll take a picture of it, write it down, record it, research it and see where the research takes me, or just keep it stored in that thing we call a brain. Then I’ll use these things as inspiration for my designs. I apply this curiosity to both my clients and myself as much as possible.

Curiosity is something we all have. We were born with it. Hopefully my journey through this curious thing known as Blogging will help spark discussions where we can explore new design curiosities together. I’ll be conducting interviews with other Designers, Illustrators, and Creatives as well to seek out what they’ve learned and gain insight which I will share with you. Expect interviews once or twice a month (starting next week) and you can expect some sort of post once a week. I’m excited for this adventure and hopefully you are too. Please feel free to comment and subscribe below. Stay curious.


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